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Quite the World, Isn't It?

Now appearing at Truthdig .... me

Last week I started a new role as a contributing blogger to the Truthdig website, which has me pretty excited. The aim of the site is to spotlight what we see as significant stories that have been overwhelmed by other issues, or that just never seemed to grab the attention we think they deserve.

The most appealing part of it is my marching orders are to post engaging items on stories and issues about which I'm passionate. There are quite a few of those, and so far I've written about arrests of protesters and news photographers as a means of silencing them, the impact of extended layoffs on men's careers, differing perceptions of racial equality, and lies told by the federal government to the secret court supposedly overseeing the NSA's surveillance programs, among other things.

And that's just the first week. So please add Truthdig to your regular rotation of sites to visit.
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